BAL launch new internal tiling board

BAL launch new internal tiling board

BAL have released a new BBA-approved magnesium oxide board for internal tiling, BAL Board.

Easily fixed to either stud work, solid walls or floors, BAL Board can support a combined tile weight of up to 100kg/m2.

This exceeds the recommended tiling weight for plasterboard (32kg/m2), gypsum plaster (20kg/m2), wood base sheets (up to 30kg/m2) and foam-core tile backing board (up to 60kg/m2).

BAL Board is moisture and water resistant, meaning it won’t warp, rot or degrade over time even in the wettest conditions.

BAL Board is also mould resistant, and because it is thermally resistant it provides a high-level tolerance during hot and cold cycles and is suitable for use with underfloor heating.

BAL Board is also extremely lightweight, it is up to 35% lighter per m2 than cement-based boards.

With BAL Board no specialist tools are required for installation, only a simple craft or utility knife to score and snap is needed.

With BAL Board minimal dust is created when cutting, and it won’t cause harm to the installer or environment.

BAL Board comes with BBA Approval and is available in 1200mm x 600mm.

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