Beech Cottage, Surrey

Beech Cottage, Surrey

Solution: Waterproofing
Contractor: Aquarend

Sika’s Cavity Drainage System has successfully stopped water from leaking into the basement of a Surrey based private home – keeping the residents and their new second lounge safe and dry.

Following construction, ground water penetrated the new extension via the lightweight block cavity skin due to higher adjacent ground levels. Sika, global leader in specialist building products, was asked to put a stop to the water intrusion with its market leading waterproofing systems.

With the cottage’s lightweight block structure too weak to utilise a waterproofing render system, such as Sika’s renowned Sika 1 Pre-bagged waterproofing system, the company and specialist contractor, Aquarend, worked closely with the client to specify the right solution – Sika’s Cavity Drainage System.

Essentially creating a secondary wall, the system uses a high density polypropylene internal drain membrane which is used to cover the walls and floor. Easy to install using surface plugs on the walls and loose laid on the floor, it allows water to penetrate the structure but not track past the membrane and into the building. Once it reaches the membrane, it is directed into a cavity drainage channel and into a sump. From the sump water is discharged from the building.
Having long-term experience with Sika products, Aquarend’s expert team was able to install the system precisely, ensuring its effectiveness. Render and screed was then applied over the Sika Cavity Drainage Membrane for a clean surface.

“Having been successfully installing Sika systems for in excess of twenty seven years,” commented Craig Scott of Aquarend. “We are always pleased to receive positive feedback from our clients and this was case with this project. The Client was concerned that the amount of water entering the building was going to create major problems with the completion of the extension and was skeptical that a solution could be found. Upon completion of the works he took the time to call and thank us for coming up with a suitable solution and a job well done.”

To provide complete water tightness, Sikadur Combiflex®, a high performance joint sealing system for Sika, was applied to the external stairwell.

Certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to provide an effective barrier to the transmission of salts, liquid water and water vapour for the life of the structure Sika’s cavity drainage system is a proven method of ensuring basements such as that at Beech Cottage will remain watertight for years to come.

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