Being ‘Green’ with Westbury

Being ‘Green’ with Westbury

Westbury Windows & Joinery, the UKs leading designers and manufacturers of timber casement and sash windows and doors, take steps towards carbon neutrality.

With amenity prices continually increasing, they become a considerable financial burden to both home owners and businesses alike. For businesses using industrial machinery such as Westbury, a manufacturer of timber windows, doors and conservatories, increasing energy bills can cut away at profit margins.

A move to a new factory site gave Westbury the opportunity to invest in and setup an energy efficient workplace with a genuine environmental benefit and considerable savings for the owner Jonathan Hey.

This investment gave Westbury the opportunity to become only the second company in the UK to be registered to a new Government incentive Scheme RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). The Renewable Heat Incentive is a world first financial incentive scheme for renewable heat generation designed to help the UK reduce carbon emissions and hit its EU renewable energy targets. This environmental programme, administered by Ofgem, provides businesses financial incentives for renewable electricity generation.

So that is exactly what Westbury did;

Their new factory had four existing large and inefficient heavy carbon producing gas boilers. These were replaced with a single “Biomass” boiler system, providing a renewable energy source using biological material (in this case wood waste) to provide heat and hot water to the factory and offices. Westbury therefore have no need for gas at the site at all.

In the first three months of operation Westbury have recovered 47596kWh of energy through the use of their BioMass boiler solution. As part of the RHI scheme they have received payments in excess of two thousand pounds from the Government, this alongside the overall saving on heating bills.

Additional energy reductions have been made with the introduction of the Conturex, a single state-of-the-art multi profiling woodworking technology, which does the work of five different machining systems, creating less waste and requiring less operating staff.

Using a BioMass system also generates further energy reduction by operating only when required in a section of the factory. This also considerably reduces noise pollution making for a comfortable place in which to work. Jonathan Hey said “With the RHI scheme payments and our savings on the cost for wood waste skips, fuel usage and zero landfill requirement, the system has proven to be a valuable green investment for both Westbury and the environment”.

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