Berrick Saul Building, University of York

Berrick Saul Building, University of York

Client: University of York
Value: £7.2 million
Type of works: supply of Isokorb® thermal break modules.

The Berrick Saul Building is a new £7.2m development at the heart of the York University campus. It houses the Humanities Research Centre, which is on two floors and provides high-quality workspace for Arts and Humanities research postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers. To combat thermal bridging at stairways and escape bridges, Schöck Isokorb® thermal break modules have been incorporated into the structure. Cantilever construction elements which project through the building envelope, breaking the insulation layer in the process, are notorious for creating thermal bridges. These occur where the insulation layer is penetrated by a material with a relatively high thermal conductivity and at interfaces between building elements where there is a discontinuity in the insulation.

One of the consequences of this is local heat loss, resulting in more energy being required to maintain the internal temperature of the building. While this is a very important aspect of thermal bridging, low internal surface temperatures in the area of the thermal bridge can cause condensation. This in turn can lead not only to structural integrity problems with absorbent materials, but the occurrence of mould growth, a prime cause of respiratory problems. Something to be avoided in any building, but certainly in educational establishments.

Designed to connect reinforced concrete and steel construction components, it is the type KS20 Isokorb® modules which have being been installed in the new building. Their thermal insulation properties dramatically reduce energy loss in connective areas by guaranteeing that there is uniformity between cantilever structures and the internal structure at the thermal envelope. The modules also transfer load and maintain full structural integrity, while at the same time enabling inner surface area temperatures to remain well in excess of those likely to cause mould formation and condensation.

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In the UK Schöck provides both thermal insulation and acoustic insulation solutions. Its market-leading range of load-bearing thermal break elements, known as the Isokorb, allows connections to be made between concrete-to-concrete, concrete-to-steel...
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