Bespoke checkpoint security at Manchester Airport

Bespoke checkpoint security at Manchester Airport

Gilgen Door Systems, has developed and installed bespoke sliding doors for new checkpoint security lanes at Manchester Airport.

A total of ten gates have been installed five in terminal 1, three in terminal 2 and 2 in terminal 3 and form part of departure security systems that allow passengers to pass from landside to airside.

The new security checkpoints direct passengers through a turnstile and a magnetic body scanner leading to a glass pod.

When a passenger passes the security check, one of the Gilgen sliding doors will open, allowing the passenger to continue through.

If they do not pass the security check the adjacent sliding door opens directing the passenger through to an areawhere further security checks are undertaken.

Each gate required two sets of two single sliding automatic doors. Each door set is mounted on a single header operating system but operate independently ensuring only the correct lane is opened.

This enables the closed door to form a screen to prevent passengers from walking through the wrong lane.

The doors operate in conjunction with security gate system and provide an orderly and controlled security checkpoint that optimises passenger throughput and security personnel resources.

Bespoke SLX sliding door systems use intelligent Communication Bus (CAMBus) technology unique to Gilgen to enable remote interfacing with the security gate system.

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