Bespoke commemorative play ship for Shedden Park

Bespoke commemorative play ship for Shedden Park

When the Scottish Borders Council received a heritage lottery grant to help improve the Shedden Park in Kelso, they approached Setter Play to discuss the possibility of installing a bespoke play area that would commemorate the voyage of Robert Shedden, who had attempted to voyage around the North West Passage in the Victorian era.

Setter Play based the design on their large Galleon play unit. The galleon was re-branded as the Nancy Dawson after Robert Shedden's ship and the design was scaled to fit in the park and adapted to reflect the shape of the ship based on the only picture that was ever taken of it.

Activity panels were created that showed the route of the voyage for one side of the ship and play items, including a compass and a weather game for the other.

The client reported that the product has been met with great approval from neighbouring residents and is very popular with the local children.

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