Bespoke shroud for Panic Latch from Alexandra Security

Bespoke shroud for Panic Latch from Alexandra Security

All gates available from Alexandra can be tailored to fit with a customer’s specification. In addition to drop and slide bolts, Maglocks and self-closing mechanisms, a range of locks manufactured and supplied by Locinox are available.

But while all additions can be relied upon to function as intended, special care must be taken to ensure maximum security is maintained where specified, especially with panic latches.

Alexandra has developed their new shrouds to custom fit the Locinox Digi and standard key locks, which grants the user full access to the mechanical code and key lock mechanism, and so long as the gate is fitted with an appropriate security mesh, the shroud will stop intruders reaching around or through the gate to activate the panic latch on the other side.

The new shrouds have been laser cut for accuracy and are available in a finish to match the appearance of the gate it’s fitted to.

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