Bike Vault Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Vault Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about Bike Vault, take a look at the useful information below.

For further information, and the full list of frequently asked questions, please visit Bike Vault’s website or contact Simon directly:

Why should I buy a Bike Vault rather than a multi-bike enclosure, cycle rack or bike shed?
You can leave all of your kit with your bike in a Bike Vault and nobody else will have access to them. Your bike and kit will be completely protected from the weather.

The Bike Vault is much cheaper than its competition, how can I be sure it’s secure?
Simon and Neil are both keen cyclists, so security has been a priority throughout the design of the Bike Vault. Although they consider the Bike Vault to be a secure unit in itself, if you require additional security, you can purchase Oxford Security Products. You could also consider installing a wireless shed alarm.

How much space do Bike Vaults take up?
Bike Vault has been designed to be very space efficient when it is deployed. Take a look at their design layout sheet.

What are the dimensions of a Bike Vault?
A Bike Vault is 1.7m long, 1.4m tall and 1.0m wide. View the technical details here.

How heavy is a Bike Vault?
The Bike Vault is manufactured from low density polyethylene, a hydrocarbon plastic, and one of its properties is that it is lightweight. A Bike Vault is 60kilos.

What can I do if I haven’t got a concrete area to bolt my Bike Vault to?
Any solution that makes a Bike Vault immovable and unliftable is suitable.

What maintenance does a Bike Vault require?
The metalwork inside a Bike Vault is powder coated so it won't corrode. All you might want to do is apply a lubricant to the external padlocks every now and again.

What colours is the Bike Vault available in?
There are 7 colours in the standard palette: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Green, Orange, Grey and Yellow. There is a £20 surcharge for anything other than our Light Blue door and Grey body. Other colours on request.

I’d really like a Bike Vault at my work and gym…
If you tell Simon who your employer and gym owner are, he will contact them directly and tell them all about Bike Vault. Also, if you would like to see one at any other location, please get in touch.

I'm an employer and I want some for my staff at work – is there a deal?
Yes there can be depending on how many you require.

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