Biocraft waterproofs new build basement with Triton systems

Biocraft waterproofs new build basement with Triton systems

Berkshire based Triton approved contractors, Biocraft, used a waterproofing system from Triton to waterproof the basement of a new build property in Surrey.

Triton TT Vapour Membrane was applied to the external basement wall as the primary waterproofing layer. TT Vapour Membrane is a liquid applied 'Type A' system which conforms to BS 8102 (2009) and can be brushed or sprayed on to the surface. It's a multi-functional waterproof and gas proof barrier that can be applied to concrete, masonry or brick substrates as well as to ICF structures. The Biocraft team extended the two coat application down to include the top and face of the wall's toe, in front of which a land drain had been installed. Platon Double Drain membrane was then installed over the TT Vapour Membrane layer as a drainage and protection layer. Double Drain is a cavity drain membrane which comprises a filter mesh layer which prevents any grit etc from filling the air gaps in its studded surface through which water drains down and is carried away from the building via the land drain.

Internally further waterproofing protection will be provided to this property by a type C waterproofing system (cavity drained system) also supplied by Triton.

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