Biomass Heating for Poultry

Rural Energy have been working with a number of poultry farming specialists this year to help bring an affordable heating solution to their businesses. One such business is based in Northamptonshire where we have recently installed a Herz BioFire 995kW for 7 sheds.

Biomass is ideal for farming activities such as raising chickens in broiler sheds. Not only is biomass fuel substantially cheaper in comparison to oil and gas (and the rising price of electricity should be considered) but it can also be controlled specifically for broiler sheds which often require concentrated periods of heating.

A further consideration is the reduction in harmful gases which are exposed to the birds compared to oil burning or LPG, overall producing a healthier bird of higher quality.

Ventilation firms have developed units which are specifically designed to suit biomass boiler systems. In the case of the Northamptonshire farm these consisted of two roof-mounted ventilation units heating each 300x70ft barn (there are six barns in total heated by one boiler). Rural Energy's Herz boiler will also provide hot water to the broiler sheds. This is a useful extra as hot water is used in santising after a crop.

The client expects to save at least one day of feed per crop as the chicks will reach target weight quicker and with fewer losses in numbers due to the withdrawal of the harmful emissions caused by the old heaters.

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