Biometric Fingerprint terminal At Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery

Biometric Fingerprint terminal At Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery

Lilliput Lodge Day Nursery is a purpose designed OFSTED rated (Good) child day care centre located within East Yorkshire.

The welfare and security of the hundreds of children going through their doors being their main priority. That’s why when Lilliput Lodge upgraded their security they went for a wired Biometric Fingerprint terminal with the capability of holding thousands of fingerprints to control access for all parents, guardians and staff in and out of the building. Each child has 2 guardians registered onto the system making it simple for them to use but also impossible for anyone unauthorised to gain access. With an additional video intercom running alongside the terminal they can manually allow temporary access to those who are not registered into the system.

"I was looking for a system that gave my clients complete peace of mind that their children where safe. I looked at key fobs, keypad and fingerprint terminals to which held the greatest benefits and the least disadvantages with each one. Biometric Fingerprint recognition within my particular scenario is flawless and TLJ have always been there to help me get to grips with this amazing technology." Rav Van Spall (Director).

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