Bituchem Preservation Materials 2010 Launch

Bituchem Preservation Materials 2010 Launch

Bituchem have successfully launched and trialled a range of new systems to help preserve and prolong road surfaces. These materials offer a cost effective way of sealing and preserving an existing road surface, delaying major construction works, which is important in light of the recent budget spending review.

FortSeal™, SealaPave™, and LockChip™, have been developed, launched and trialled over the past 12 months. All three provide solutions to preserving, refreshing, and maintaining existing road, pavement, and driveway surfaces.

FortSeal™ and LockChip™ are both specially formulated bituminous emulsions that can be sprayed or brushed on, sealing, blackening and improving chip retention on road surfaces.

SealaPave™ is also a specially formulated bituminous emulsion but designed for the driveway and footpath market where the use of sprayer tankers and pressuried sprayers is limited, hence can be applied using a brush/squeegee. In addition to SealaPave™ for refreshing driveways and footpaths, Easypatch™ is a pothole patching solution which, used in conjunction with SealaPave™, enables the user to fill any potholes and surface voids, blacken the whole surface to tie in the patches, giving an overall uniform surface.

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