BMW Dealership, Beddington

BMW Dealership, Beddington

Contractor: Talbot Construction
Specialist cladding contractor: Gale Construction
Type of works: Secret fix panel adhesive used for seamless aluminium cladding finish.

Sika’s secret fix panel adhesive has ensured a seamless aluminium cladding finish to the latest in BMW dealership in Beddington, London, at a fraction of the cost compared to a mechanical alternative.

As an alternative to more expensive traditional cassette panels, SpeedDeck ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) cladding panels were specified. These could be offered in flat panel format and, using SikaTack Panel Adhesive, would achieve the same effect at significantly reduced site costs. For the Cooper Croydon BMW dealership, it was the cost-effective solution to a stylish aesthetic that complemented the automotive company’s prestigious look.

It was the latest in a line of new BMW dealerships to be built by main contractor Talbot Construction working with specialist cladding contractor Gale Construction. Working to a strict design style and selection of materials, the aluminium façade is an integral part of the dealership’s overall branding and ensures it matches other dealerships.

To secure the flat SpeedDeck ACM panels using traditional cladding methods could have left the sleek, aluminium finish with face fixings. However, SikaTack Panel Adhesive made it possible to create this look without any visible fixings.

It has been developed by Sika, the leader in specialist construction materials. One of the biggest advantages of its revolutionary secret fix is that it simply cannot be seen. This meant the developer’s vision of a smooth clean exterior could be realised without anything spoiling the view.

Following preparation and priming of all surfaces, the ACM panels were temporarily fixed in place using Sika’s specially made 3mm thick double-sided tape, whilst the SikaTack Panel Adhesive got to work. When set, the panels were fully bonded to the structure.

Richard Plume, Gale Construction’s Managing Director commented, " This was the first project that Gale had been involved with that utilised the SikaTack Panel system and that the whole team involved were extremely impressed with the speed, simplicity and performance of the product’".

Rigorously tried and tested to extreme conditions and back, the SikaTack Panel system has been officially proven to perform without any reduction in performance. Therefore, the Cooper Croydon BMW can carry out business in style, with a smooth aluminium finish that's certain to remain safely in place for decades to come.

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