Boon Edam launch bespoke UK variation to their medium security portfolio

Boon Edam launch bespoke UK variation to their medium security portfolio

Boon Edam Limited, the UK subsidiary of global market leaders Royal Boon Edam International B.V. in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced that they have launched a bespoke UK variation to their medium security portfolio.

The ‘No-Nonsense’ Swinging Security Speed Gate: Now Customisable in the UK

In 2020 Boon Edam introduced to the world The Speedlane Compact, an uncomplicated and straightforward security speedgate that would incorporate both functional and aesthetic fundamentals as a standard.

As the UK waved goodbye to the beloved 900 range of security turnstiles back in late 2019, there has been great demand in customisable solutions that allow customers the ability to design their perfect security solution once again.

They're now proud to announce that a British collection of Speedlane Compacts have been designed, realised from industry demands known as The Speedlane Compact UK a 'Level-up' in aesthetics variant.

Level-Up in Aesthetics

Keeping the inner functionality of The Speedlane Compact, the overall technological features and options of the new UK variants are as standard. Manufactured with functionality that is easy-to-use, easy-to-install and agile in the manufacturing process are still key benefits of the security speedlane.

The difference is that now, within the UK, their customers will be able to 'Level-up' in Aesthetics - terminology that allows standard models of products to be customised by the customer. Designed here within the UK, you can expect a truly local experience with a product that is created within the UK for the UK.

Key Features
• Choose cabinet length.
• Choose cabinet height.
• Selection of cabinet end shapes.
• Customise cabinet colours.
• Customise top of cabinet material.
• Choose your user indication design.
• Flooring/Mount options.
• Access control options.

Premium Designs Created Just for their UK Market

The Speedlane Compact UK is fashioned to fit all areas, making it ideal for high-value real estate properties. It does an effective job within a variety of spaces – relieving security personnel and ensuring that only authorised people can enter the designated area along with its customised aesthetics. There is now no need to compromise on design.

More information and brochures can be viewed here.

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