Boon Edam products chosen for newly renovated commercial building

Boon Edam products chosen for newly renovated commercial building

240 Blackfriars Road is a creative commercial building located within the City of London. The office entrance required a renovation which would give users an instant welcome upon arrival, whilst also providing a practical function to meet access needs.

For an office space as well located as 240 Blackfriars, first impressions and security are hugely important. The entrance therefore is easy to identify, with bespoke features adding to the user experience.

The security is also elegant with small design details that not only enhance the interior design but provide functioning security solutions also.

Working with Architects Alford Hall Monaghan Morris, Boon Edam provided both the main entrance doors and the security access lanes for this dramatic new commercial building located near The City in London.

Boon Edam have worked with architect AHMM on many projects in the past, creating a strong and trustworthy relationship.

Boon Edam’s omega curved glass Crystal Tourniket revolving door has since become a statement feature of a number of AHMM’s buildings design, so were first choice for installation at 240 Blackfriars Road.

Two all glass Crystal Tournikets were incorporated into the fully glass facade of the building, complementing the transparent design.

The doors were further customised with the addition of bespoke ‘push’ plates, a thick stainless steel strip situated along the edge of each door, that is not only a practical feature, but also links to and echoes the design and appearance of the internally installed security lanes.

The custom design of the security entrance lanes, bespoke Swinglane 900 (discontinued) speed gates, were the biggest aspect of Boon Edam’s collaboration on this project.

Originally specified to provide the entrance doors, as the interior design came together, and when requirements called for a more unique approach to incorporating suitable internal security features than original plans allowed for, the Architect also approached Boon Edam to work with them to create a specially designed version of their discontinued Swinglane 900.

In addition to creating a custom Swinglane, to maintain a seamless design that complimented the receptions interior, specially designed security features were also requested.

Lift destination display screens were a must, offering efficient and secure access control, which also guides staff and visitors through the building. The challenge was to incorporate these security features, whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing, and complementing the entrance areas design.

With space allowance in the reception area limited, the width of the security lane cabinets had to remain streamlined, therefore a creative solution was required to incorporate the lift call displays in each cabinet.

This is where Boon Edam’s flexibility and design expertise came in. The final design was accomplished by flush mounting the lift call displays under the glass tops, with a system of letters displayed on each cabinet to represent the next available lift car that the access cardholder should use. The relevant letter is then illuminated to guide the user to the correct lift car, depending on which area of the building they are allowed access to.

Other features of these unique Swinglanes is the straight edged vertical shape, which is a prominent feature of the buildings design and echoed both internally and externally. Frosted glass door wings were also added which again, echo the colour scheme and finish of the reception’s interior.

To allow sufficient access for disabled visitors and deliveries, a DDA compliant double winged Swinglane was provided at each lift hall, offering a larger width suitable for wheelchair users and trolleys to pass through. For ease of use, the lift destination displays are mounted vertically on these cabinets.

The custom design for the turnstiles and front entrances were achievable as a result of a continuing process in which Boon Edam assisted the Architect to fine tune the design, with special consideration taken to incorporate a one of a kind lift destination system.

Working in collaboration with the London Specification and Area Sales Managers, the architect and client already had a clear idea regarding the outcome of the new entrance.

The UK team work through a process known as Boon Select. This process enables teams to generate, analyse and formulate the perfect entry scenario going through seven key considerations.

Being able to map out considerations enables better, more sustainable decision that in turn highlights all aspects of entry requirements.

There was a need to protect the waiting area/reception from the outside environment at all times.

Along with this, there needed to be ease of flow during peak times in and out of the building, this also includes the reception throughput also.

A need to ensure building users during out of working hours were secure within the building, that the building and property would be secure and that deterrents were in place to monitor building use.

Ensuring that all products fully complied with European safety requirements and that user safety and throughput during emergency procedures were guaranteed.

The design of the entrance needed to feel open, bright and elegant to match that of the building design. The design elements were fully understood and the end result was bespoke products with stainless steel finishes.

Security into the main entrance was a necessity, this required remote locking to be installed within the door, enabling authorised users to shut when required. Lift Destination Control was integrated into the security lanes.

As always, the products needed to be easy to use and intuitive. With bespoke long wooden handles pushing the entrance is easier than ever.

With a truly nationwide network of experienced highly skilled, directly employed, service technicians Boon Edam were able to reassure the client that any issues could quickly be resolved.

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