Boon Edam products feature in Park House refurbishment

Boon Edam products feature in Park House refurbishment

Once known as Moor Fields, Finsbury Circus is the last remaining part of London’s oldest public parks with its first opening back in 1607. Positioned with enviable frontages onto Eldon Street and Finsbury Circus is Park House.

Located close to Liverpool Street and Moorgate Station providing convenient access for commuters, the commercial property benefits from two busy entrances; Finsbury Circus entrance and the Broadgate entrance. Discover the refurbishment of both entrances in this project study.

Originally undergoing a full refurbishment by John Robertson Associates back in 2008, Park House - behind the Grade II listed facade, featured 195,000 sq ft of office and retail space positioned around a full height open atrium.

The 2008 refurbishment saw the installation of a bronze anodised Circleslide as a solution for concerns regarding workplace and Eldon street transitions.

An entrance regeneration that has sustained over 10 years of use, and successfully continues to do so, paying homage to the regular service and maintenance undertaken.

The lead architect in the 2019 partial refurbishment of Park House was Stiff + Trevillion. A West London practice who relishes in detailed yet thoughtfully sophisticated designs.

Having worked on a multitude of projects close to Finsbury Circus, there is a common entrance consideration regarding opposite directional traffic which has everything to do with the many transport links surrounding the area.

Having a double entrance like Park House helps to alleviate these peak building use times, by allowing access and egress through two areas of the building.

However, two entrances essentially mean two solutions to mitigate risk the surrounding intended secure areas of the building.

Previously positioned as a line of defence located near the lift area sat a bank of Speedlane 900s. The original Speedlane 900s installed featured a stainless-steel cabinet with sliding glass wings which necessitated a wide footprint.

In the 2019 refurbishment by Stiff + Trevillion the two banks of 900s were replaced with Lifeline Speedlane Swings. The Lifeline Speedlane Swing utilises a much thinner cabinet design, allowing for either more lanes or a wider lane passage.

Additional cantilevered barrier work makes for a seamless defence line being recessed into stainless steel channels mounted into the floor which are secured between the gates and walls of reception.

Park house makes for a unique installation, through the sub-floor preparation that secures the lanes onto the floor.

Mild steel sub-floor base-plates were bespoke made for Park House. These are installed between the finished floor and structural slab to add extra reinforcement as well as stabilising the lane due to their width and this will increase their longevity when looking at servicing and maintenance.

During the construction phase, these bespoke base-plates helped to ensure accurate setting out, and promote comfort in knowing that electrical requirements are installed correctly before the lanes are installed.

In 2008, John Robertson Associates specified and installed a bronze anodised Circleslide which is a circular sliding door. With the Eldon Street entrance sitting in a close proximity to the busy pedestrian area, a Circleslide was the perfect solution to combine an entrance that complied with current DDA regulations, a means of fire escape and provided a means of controlling the entrance lobby environment.

With a double set of bi parting doors, the external doors that are triggered via sensors open, leaving the interior doors closed helping to keep the reception area a comfortable temperature. A circular sliding door incorporates the design features of a revolving door with the functionality of two sets of sliding doors.

Customised with a bronze anodised finish, the entrance mirrors complement the overall feel and design of the interior office entrance space. Additionally, two bronze card readers are located inside and out that house external access control technology for out of office hours entry.

Working in collaboration with the London Specification managers, the architect already had a clear idea regarding the outcome of the new entrance.

The UK team work through a process known as Boon Select. This process enables teams to generate, analyse and formulate the perfect entry scenario going through seven key considerations.

Being able to map out considerations enables better, more sustainable decision that in turn highlights all aspects of entry requirements.

There was a need to protect the waiting area/reception from the outside environment at all times.

Along with this, there needed to be ease of flow during peak times in and out of the building, this also includes the reception throughput also.

A need to ensure building users during out of working hours were secure within the building, that the building and property would be secure and that deterrents were in place to monitor building use.

Ensuring that all products fully complied with European safety requirements and that user safety and throughput during emergency procedures were guaranteed.

The design of the entrance needed to feel open, bright and elegant to match that of the overhauled-building rebrand. The design elements were fully understood and the end result of the additional halo lighting and product colouring mirrored the design.

Security into the main entrance was a necessity, this required two external card reader posts to be placed either side of the door for access control integration.

As always, the products needed to be easy to use and intuitive. With two sensors located in the floor entrance, upon entry the sensors will activate door rotation, creating a welcoming entrance. The Lifelines also intuitively guide users through the lanes with ease.

With a truly nationwide network of experienced highly skilled, directly employed, service technicians Boon Edam were able to reassure the client that any issues could quickly be resolved.

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