Boon Edam’s entrance control complements contemporary and industrial office space

Boon Edam’s entrance control complements contemporary and industrial office space

A common theme that has swarmed the UK is the renovation of office space. With a continuously growing workforce, cities across the country are transforming corporate workspaces into multi-level high quality spaces.

The demand for better graded office space in the city of London is high. The magnificent redevelopment of The River Building has created a vibrant multi-tenant office space alongside the existing Cannon Bridge House.

Known as being positioned within one of the most popular positions within London, The River Building sits comfortably between London Bridge, St Paul’s, and Bank.

The position offers enviable commutes for the city workforce, boasting a five minutes’ walk from six key tube stations. Renovated to utilise a once void entrance, The River Building is now a self-contained office space with a contemporary industrial design. The large atrium features a set of sleek black Lifeline Speedlane Swings.

The lead architects rejuvenating the un-used entrance at The River Building was Stiff + Trevillion. An established architectural firm based in West London whose impressive portfolio boasts of commercial, restaurant and retail projects.

Having had the privilege to work with the practice on an array of occasions there was an existing understanding on what was expected from Boon Edam. This understanding helped speed the process up in regard to the firms wants and needs for The River Building.

Stiff + Trevillion, working with Blackstone Group, had specified early into the design process for the Lifeline Speedlane Swing, due to its existing specification in existing projects. The new two-story building boasts a spacious atrium that combines naked brick walling with warm feature lighting and dark tones.

Mimicking the interior styling, a bank of Lifeline Speedlane Swings were to be finished in black RAL. The River Building with an occupancy density of 1:8 requested comfortable yet stylish entry resulting in a wider lane width configuration. The 615mm passage width utilises two glass wings that offer fast access but give the illusion of openness.

Wide setup lanes are the perfect solution for allowing large groups of pedestrians to pass through, along with wheelchair, pram, luggage access. Making sure the wide lane setup is positioned in the most convenient access point is key to ensuring high user experiences.

Working in collaboration with the London Specification managers, the architect already had a clear idea regarding the outcome of the new entrance.

The UK team work through a process known as Boon Select. This process enables teams to generate, analyse and formulate the perfect entry scenario going through seven key considerations.

Being able to map out considerations enables better, more sustainable decision that in turn highlights all aspects of entry requirements.

There was a need to protect the waiting area/reception from the outside environment at all times. Along with this, there needed to be ease of flow during peak times in and out of the building, this also includes the reception throughput also.

A need to ensure building users during out of working hours were secure within the building, that the building and property would be secure and that deterrents were in place to monitor building use.

Ensuring that all products fully complied with European safety requirements and that user safety and throughput during emergency procedures were guaranteed.

The design of the entrance needed to feel open, bright and elegant to match that of the overhauled building entrance The design elements were fully understood and the end result of the additional halo lighting and product colouring mirrored the design.

Boon Touch allows for remote control of the lanes. This means that control can be granted to authorised users without having to leave their workspace.

As always, the products needed to be easy to use and intuitive. The Lifelines intuitively guide users through the lanes with ease. Along with the additional wide-lane setup for DDA access.

With a truly nationwide network of experienced highly skilled, directly employed, service technicians Boon Edam were able to reassure the client that any issues could quickly be resolved.

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