Boon Edam upgrades its high security revolving doors to be EN 17352 compliant

Boon Edam upgrades its high security revolving doors to be EN 17352 compliant

Royal Boon Edam International B.V., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced today that they have relaunched their next generation high security doors – the Tourlock 180 and Tourlock 120. Both models are compliant with the European Standard EN 17352.

The optimal balance of high security and user safety

April 2013 saw Boon Edam architectural revolving doors becoming compliant with the EN 16005 standard; over the years, they have been working hard to realise the same safety standards and compliances with their high security revolving doors to align this vital requirement. The EN 17352 standard relates to power-operated pedestrian entrance control equipment for normal access and in escape routes.

The Tourlock 180 (4-winged) and Tourlock 120 (3-winged) high security doors now offer compliance to the EN 17352 European standard. These doors have been updated to provide premium high security protection through anti-tailgating and piggybacking functions. They now also have an even higher level of safety features to improve user convenience during operation of the doors.

Trend-watching to provide a versatile, future-proof security entrance

The need for a harmonised safety standard has increased because of several rising global trends. Experts predict that due to urbanisation, half of the world population will live in or around cities, leading to crowded cities and a higher number of public entrance points. An increase in people inevitably will mean a rise in crime and security threats.

Furthermore, due to an ageing population, (1 out of 5 people) will need help physically. These people are less aware of danger, limited in diverting danger and have an increased risk of injuries. These factors have led to the need for a standardised industry safety level when it comes to automated pedestrian entrances. Also, we are seeing more and more security entrances moving to the main building entrance as part of the façade, and not only limited to a deeper location within the building as previously was the case. This has a knock-on effect on children, and other untrained users, needing to use the security entrance safely.

In addition, current developments surrounding the coronavirus pandemic are causing companies to increasingly ask themselves who and when and why they may be inside a building or a specific space.

Improved Functions and Features to Support Compliance to EN 17352

• SRB Safety buffer curved wall improved
• SRT Leading edge buffer - to protect hands and fingers
• SRD Doorwing buffer - to protect heels and toes
• Instructional safety stickers – enhanced contrast for improved visibility
• EBS Safety sensor - to safeguard the main closing edge, adjustable detection width, and highly accurate down to the ground
• Emergency stop button
• Upgraded software to avoid entrapment under normal operating circumstances
• Pull release - to release the doorset in case of power failure, avoiding entrapment

Serious security features

In addition to the safety compliance, the Tourlock products also offer state-of-the-art piggybacking detection. Boon Edam’s StereoVision technology now replaces the traditional floor weight systems and contact mats. The advanced technology is reliable and not impaired by sunlight or reflections. It can accurately differentiate between two people and one person with an object and provide progressive data with algorithms for in-depth analysis.

The Tourlock high security doors are RC3 compliant (with the Boon Edam burglar-resistant package), which includes a reinforced doorset with P5A glass, a fail-secure lock and reinforced ceiling and dustcover. The entrance has been designed to integrate easily with most Access Control Systems (ACS) – making it the security door for everyone and every situation.

Dirk Groot, Product Manager of the Security Revolving Door Products Portfolio at Boon Edam, said, “This new safety standard that is put in place is an excellent benchmark for the industry to specify high security products for a much broader application field. Whether the users are trained or untrained, professionals, children or elderly and disabled, they are all equally able to safely operate and use the door.”

Upgrades and retrofits

With this new compliance comes the added responsibility on the owner or manager of the door. The safety of the users of the security door is equally important as the level of security the door provides. Current Tourlock models can easily be upgraded to comply with the EN 17352 standard - this can be arranged through your local entry expert. Boon Edam offers many packages to suit your needs, from upgrading to a Safety Plus package to various Protection Packages. The safeguarding of the end-users is a serious responsibility, and the liability lies with the owner or manager of the door.

“We have created a scalable safety package that can be adapted to different needs, ranging from extra safety buffers to speed reduction sensors and even an emergency stop button to divert any risks.” continues Dirk.

Risk analysis

Boon Edam offers both new and existing customers a pre-risk analysis to help determine and identify the type of users each installation needs to accommodate and what is required to meet the compliance and security criteria. An entry expert will work with you on this, and they will also return a year later to reassess the installation and support the customer in keeping the security entrance up to date.

More information, brochures and videos can be viewed here.

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