Bradfield College, Berkshire

Bradfield College, Berkshire

Type of works: supply and installation of Foamsorba stick-on acoustic ceiling tiles.

The language classrooms at Bradfield College suffered from echoes and high reverberant noise levels. This made it very difficult for students to hear the teacher's clearly during lectures and also led to high stress levels as the teachers were having difficulty in conveying the words of different languages.

The College in Berkshire wanted to keep the ceilings as high as possible and did not want to go to the extra expense and time incurred in removing and reinstalling light fittings and fire detectors. They selected the Foamsorba 'Snow' stick on acoustic tiles to line the ceiling.

The 'Snow' version has a profiled face pattern which provides greater surface area to provide very high sound absorption performance. These tiles are Class O fire rated therefore comply with the Building Regulations in terms of fire safety. These tiles were installed by the on-site contractor to fit into the time schedule between lessons.

These very lightweight tiles were simply and easily stuck onto the existing plasterboard ceiling using a mastic adhesive. The tiles were just cut with a Stanley knife around light fittings and fire detectors. The simplicity of the installation procedure meant that the tiles were installed in minimal time and there was no disruption to lessons. Once the tiles had been installed, there was a dramatic difference experienced by both teachers and students. A climate of calm and controlled silence prevailed. The instructions from teachers were being clearly heard and were intelligible in terms of clarity of speech.

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