Brendoncare Knightwood, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

Brendoncare Knightwood, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire

Client: Brendoncare Knightwood
Type of works: design, manufacture and supply of Cistermiser's Combimate water-treatment solution for care centre.

Brendoncare Knightwood is a Care Centre situated near Chandlers Ford in Hampshire and delightfully set in four acres of gardens and woodland. Thirty two-bedroom apartments built around a rose garden plus seven bungalows provide permanent ‘worry free’ accommodation for older people, while a twenty bed Intermediate Care Unit offers convalescent and respite short term care.

Knightwood is a pleasant, peaceful place much enjoyed by its residents but until recently they had one persistent and annoying problem. Chandlers Ford is in an area with an unfortunate combination of high-water pressure and extremely hard water; a situation guaranteed to produce all the miseries associated with limescale. Pipes were scaling up, residents’ appliances were working inefficiently, water was sometimes discoloured and, worst of all, the heating systems (electric for safety reasons) were proving expensive, high in maintenance and less than fully effective.

Brendoncare management carried out a thorough investigation into ways of protecting their residents and Maintenance Manager, Gary Durrant, was commissioned to evaluate the various available methods of controlling limescale. After considering all options he chose Combimate, made by water-management experts Cistermiser, a tried-and-tested product that is easily installed, completely safe when used with drinking water and completely effective in dealing with limescale.

Combimate uses Combiphos, a 100% food grade material approved by the FAO/WHO, that is released, in very small quantities, into the water system and keeps the mineral ions in suspension. It then coats the inside of pipework and appliances, including boilers, preventing any deposit of scale. The compact Combimate unit can be used for whole-house protection or purely for a single appliance (which would normally be a boiler) and it is very simply plumbed into the cold water supply pipe. The only maintenance required is replacement of the Combiphos once a year, a quick-and-easy process.

Thirty-seven Combimates were ordered for Brendoncare Knightwood, supplied by Plumb Centre in Eastleigh and installed one year ago by Mike Crouch and his son, who run Aqua Heating and Plumbing Services. Managers at the Care Centre were delighted, both with the lack of disruption and good service during installation and, most importantly, by the results. The limescale problem has been eliminated and a further twelve Combimates are to be installed at the centre very shortly.

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