BS8414 Compliance for Europanel Lite

BS8414 Compliance for Europanel Lite

Being able to offer solutions to any building is the centre of Eurobond’s business, this would not be possible without having the ability to offer a package that suits the most challenging situations and this includes offering a solution that is not only provided by a company with almost 30 years experience in the building industry but also backed up with the certification. Compliance with the latest regulations and standards is important to any company but when the issues addressed are as serious as fire resistance, the ability to offer the very best in performance for any situation or environment is critical. It is part of Eurobond's mission to ensure that when its panels are specified for a project the customer can rest assured that they can comply with the highest levels of performance testing and the product carries the certification to back this up.

Eurobond’s Europanel has been developed as a ‘total external wall solution’ and has a standard fire resistance performance of up to 2 hours*. As well as this it has excellent thermal and acoustic performance and with the ease of assembly it means that it has consistently been specified for a diverse range of buildings. Many sectors have very specific regulations for fire performance, from hospitals and schools to office blocks, the dangers of a fire spreading in buildings with large numbers of people which could include young children or elderly/infirm occupants cannot be underestimated and as such is an area that demands the highest levels of consideration. Solutions to these issues are not usually ‘off the shelf’ but the Europanel range offers an ideal start to creating building solutions with strict fire performance requirements.

Unlike a vast majority of the competition, Eurobond’s 125mm Europanel Lite product is also in line with BS 8414. BS8414 Part 1 “describes the method of assessing the behavior of non-load bearing external cladding systems, rainscreen over cladding systems and external wall insulation systems when applied to the face of a building and exposed to an external fire under controlled conditions. The fire exposure is representative of an external fire source or fully developed (post-flashover) fire in a room, venting through an opening such as a window aperture that exposes the cladding to the effects of external flames”.

Fires within buildings have the potential to spread externally by breaking out through windows, travelling over or through the cladding system and then breaking back into the building at another level, so by-passing the internal compartmentation for the structure and thus potentially placing residents and building users at risk. Flames can extend over 2m above the window opening from which they break out. This can lead to a potential of secondary fires developing if the fire performance characteristics of the external cladding system are not fully assessed.

It is the nature of the industry for the documentation, regulations and legislations to be continually assessed and improved whenever necessary. It is therefore essential that if Eurobond’s products are specified, that it not only offers the confidence of nearly 30 years reputation providing solutions to some of the biggest names in the industry but it also carries trusted industry approved certification guaranteeing its performance.

*2 hour fire performance is based on 160mm Europanel Extra with a maximum unsupported length of 5.5m

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