Carbon dioxide monitoring system

Carbon dioxide monitoring system

SACO2 carbon dioxide monitor's panel and sensors have been developed to enable compliance with the latest standards.

This includes the Department of Education building bulletin 101 (BB101), the supporting document to the building regulations part F. The BB101 states that the maximum level of carbon dioxide in the air within a classroom should be no more than 1,500 parts per million (PPM).

The SACO2 can be installed and used as a stand alone unit with one or two carbon dioxide sensors model AD-MED-CO2 fitted. As a stand alone system the panel will indicate a pre-alarm at 900ppm by means of visual indication on the panel fascia. The panel will indicate full alarm at 1,400ppm, again with visual indication on the panel. A sounder is fitted within the panel and is factory preset to silent but can be activated by means of jumper plug adjustment where audible indication is required. The system will drop out of alarm condition as the carbon dioxide level decreases, for example when windows have been opened or fans switched on to increase the ventilation level in the room.

The SACO2 can also control ventilation fans and will operate a fan when the pre-alarm level is reached. In addition it can increase the fan speed should the high alarm point be reached. The system is supplied with user advice on the lid and has been designed as a low maintenance product.

The system is self checking and incorporates a “call service” indication on the cover. There is a Medem 24-hour service line available to give help and advice regarding any of the products designed and built by the company.

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