Care & Nursing Home Essentials

Care & Nursing Home Essentials

Airius’ established and proven technology works by sending out ironised hydroperoxides into the space, eliminating microbes like bacteria, viruses, and mould spores by more than 90%.
In addition to the continuous air purification and odour elimination, temperatures are also being balanced within the space. Nearly all buildings, which are heated and/or cooled, suffer from a natural phenomenon called stratification.

This is when temperature differences occur from floor to ceiling resulting from heat rising and cold air falling. This balancing of temperatures reduces costs by 20-50%, and cooling costs by 20-40%.

Simple to install, the units are small, versatile and unobtrusive. Karen L. Bowles, Executive Director of Sunrise Senior Living comments “Since installation of the Airius PureAir system in our care home: revenue has gone up by £60,500; and we have saved over £3,300 on chemical mists to cover up odours but most importantly, there has been no deaths due to communicable illnesses.

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