Castle and stage for Downfield School

Castle and stage for Downfield School

Downfield School wanted to install additional play equipment and make the most of the space they had without having to change the area too much, so Setter Play designed a play area specially for them.

The school also wanted a stage with seating, to provide children with a space for imaginative play, to put on outdoor performances for parents over the summer. A rectangular, fenced-off grass area was available.

What did Setter do?

Setter Play went to Downfield School to see the area and get ideas. First, Setter suggested a 'Castle on the mound', with slides, nets and stairs leading up to and down from it, to make the most of the existing ground. The option of synthetic grass around the play unit is available, to stop the problem of mud and slipping during winter, allowing the play unit to be used all year round.

The stage area was also designed to be as large as possible while fitting the available space, with a backdrop and benches for the audience to sit on.

Outcome and client benefit?

The Castle on the mound's steps and slide were included to provide access to the mound without the grass becoming muddy and slippery. By providing lots of different ways to get to and from the castle, lots of children can play on it without arguments about who is going next or first. The structure is quite open, allowing teachers on duty to watch the children easily during playtime. The castle was designed without high climbing elements, avoiding the need for wet pour rubber to be installed around the play unit, and the associated cost.

There's a big stage area to fit lots of children on at once and at play time there's enough room for multiple plays at once so there are no problems with who can perform first. Simple half-log benches look great around the stage and give the children somewhere to sit during play time, whether they are taking a break from playing or watching friends perform their plays.

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