Cembrit Performs in Yorkshire!

Cembrit Performs in Yorkshire!

Modern performance and traditional aesthetics are perfectly combined in the natural slate roof of a new self-build development in Yorkshire. Constructed in period style, the property uses Cembrit’s Glendyne natural slate to complement the local Yorkshire sand stone facing and surrounding landscape.

Located in Calderdale near Halifax, the dwelling is unique in style and construction. Finding a natural slate that would contrast well with the stone, and also satisfy modern performance requirements, was an important challenge for the homeowner and architect. Glendyne, a natural Blue/Grey slate from Cembrit was chosen as it fitted the bill perfectly.

“The Glendyne slate from Cembrit was the ideal slate for this project,” said the homeowner. “They resemble the Welsh slate used on many older buildings in the area and combine this wonderful traditional appearance with the top quality reputation of Canadian slate, making them ideal for this environment.”

Phil Leach, Regional Sales Manager, commented: “Glendyne is the strongest most consistent natural slate in our range and is ideal for self builders seeking reliability and peace of mind. In fact, it is such a good alternative to Welsh slate it is officially approved for use within Snowdonia National Park, the home of the Welsh slate industry.”

Glendyne is a high-quality slate quarried from the Canadian town of Saint Marc du Lac Long, Quebec, Canada. A dark Blue/Grey, with a fine, consistent grain and smooth texture, it benefits from a combination of modern extraction technology and traditional finishing skills to ensure a consistently high standard product. Able to withstand all weather conditions including sunlight, UV light, and even acid rain, Glendyne is remarkably similar in character to the Welsh Ffestiniog Slate.

Available exclusively from Cembrit in the UK, Glendyne offers great value for money and laid correctly, will last the lifetime of a building. Using skills built up over 80 years, Cembrit select natural slate from Spain, Canada, Brazil, China, India and the countries of Western Europe. From UK quarries Cembrit offer Welsh, Cornish and Westmorland slates. Quality levels at Group factories are rigorously maintained to high standards with fibre cement slates produced to BS EN 492:2004 and manufactured under the control of a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

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