Cembrit's Eastern Promise

Cembrit's Eastern Promise

Eastern White cedar shingles (a proven alternative to Western Red Cedar) are an excellent contemporary building material. They are notable for their sustainable qualities and are particularly suited for specification in coastal and rural areas, where they are frequently used on stables, beach huts, chalets, garden buildings and sheds. Cembrit has stock across depots nationwide with a next day delivery service.

Eastern White cedar (also known as Northern White cedar) is a species native to north-eastern America. It has long been prized for its easy workability, durability and abundance and is used in interior applications including furniture, as well as exterior applications such as roofing, cladding, window frames and decking. The wood is stable, finely textured without surface splintering, and offers natural resistance to fungal, insect and moisture decay. Although low in density and lightweight, cedar has excellent insulating properties.

Cembrit’s Eastern White cedar shingles offer a fine, even grain, low density and are light weight and robust, making them very easy to work with. As well as being attractive, Cedar shingles have a naturally occurring preservative, providing resistance to fungal, insect and moisture decay. These properties mean that cedar shingles can be used without the need for chemical treatment.

Shingles are either Pale Brown (untreated) or Green (treated), although after installation both versions will weather to an attractive Silver Grey. Treated shingles have a much longer lifespan of 50-60 years (sometimes up to 80!) whereas untreated shingles can be expected to last 25-30 years.

Available for nationwide delivery from their five regional depots, Cembrit has a great deal of experience in supplying this product. Advice and expertise is readily available from the company to ensure the correct product is specified for the application. In fact, Cembrit only supplies A grade (blue label) to ensure that only the most durable shingles are offered. For an improved service life customers can also choose ACQ treated shingles.

It is important that roof details and codes of practice are followed in order to install a trouble free roof. Cembrit offer specially designed ridge outlet vents (in combination with eaves ventilation) so that designers and installers can comply with the codes of practice. This is particularly important in the case of cedar shingles. If the underside of the shingles are exposed to condensation dampness due to inadequate or non existent ventilation, not only can differential evaporation cause the shingles to ‘lift’ but the presence of damp on the underside will reduce the working life of the shingles. The Cembrit ridge vent allows rapid ventilation/drying without the use of bulky ridge vent terminals. Cembrit’s complete accessory package includes pre-fabricated ridge/hip cappings to make the roofing work progress smoothly and quickly.

For further information visit www.cembrit.co.uk, email sales@cembrit.co.uk or for a copy of the technical data sheets tel: (020) 8301 8900.

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