Charlotte Street, London

Charlotte Street, London

Solution: Elastic Bonding
Contractor: KPI

For a unique and stylish interior at an office on London’s bustling Charlotte Street, architect Buckley Gray Yeoman has cleverly applied exterior architecture to create a stunning first impression within the reception area.

Concrete panels, originally designed for exterior application, have been used to create a striking backdrop. To avoid any piercing of the panels and unsightly fixings, SikaTack Panel Adhesive has provided a method of seamlessly installing the panels.

Installed within the building’s reception as part of the office’s complete refurbishment, the high performance [fibre C], glass fibre reinforced concrete cladding from Cladding Solutions present an impressive first impression.

The mix of black and metallic grey cladding panels was installed using SikaTack Panel Adhesive from the leader in specialist construction materials, Sika. The secret fix is virtually invisible as it doesn’t require a single unsightly nut or bolt. Therefore, once installed by specialist contractor KPI, the finished cladding finish was seamless.

Using traditional cladding methods, this would have left a series of visible fixtures that would infringe on the architect’s design vision. A mechanical secret fix may have solved this issue, but the additional materials required would have boosted the costs and also could have also damaged the internal walls

Sika solved all of these problems. Its innovative SikaTack Panel Adhesive utilises elastic bonding technology to secure heavy cladding panels to the internal walls.

Eurofox Engineering Ltd. brackets and profiles were first fixed, lined and levelled to the sub wall. Over 200m2 of the stylish panels were fixed to this structure, inital hold being provided by Sika’s 3mm thick double-sided tape, whilst the SikaTack Panel Adhesive got to work bonding the panels to profiles.

The specification even raised the refurbishment project’s green credentials. With a reduction in materials required to be manufactured and delivered and less energy needed for installation, the use of SikaTack Panel Adhesive provided valuable environmental points. Additionally, the fibreC cladding panels held their own green qualities, further boosting the use of sustainable materials.

Rigorously tried and tested to extreme conditions and back, the SikaTack Panel Adhesive system has been officially proven to perform without any reduction in performance. So, for decades to come, each visitor to the office will be greeted by a flawless interior.

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