Checklist for an Energy Efficient Home

Checklist for an Energy Efficient Home

Having an energy efficient home is important to many of us; not only because it helps the environment, but can actually save us money too. Whether you need to overhaul your home with improvements, or you only need to make a few small changes, this checklist PCL will to help you on your way.

There are small changes you can make around the house; things you might not even realise are putting up your bills and wasting energy. If you often leave things on standby mode, you could be using energy that’s not necessary. Nearly all electrical appliances can be turned off properly, either by the main button or at the plug without interfering with their programming.

Changing your lightbulbs to energy efficient ones can also make a bigger difference than you think; you could even install LED spotlights.

More than half of a home’s energy goes on heating, so what if you could reduce the amount of heating you need? Making sure your home is better insulated can result in lower heating costs and therefore using less energy. From the windows to your front door, you can change components of your home so they perform much better.

Energy efficient windows can make a huge difference; investing in double or triple glazing can reduce heat loss and reduce draughts, as well as insulating your home against external noise. Choose from uPVC, aluminium or a combination of materials to suit your home perfectly.

Your front door is equally important when improving the energy efficiency of your home. Composite doors are carefully engineered to be both durable and insulating. Creating the perfect entrance to your home, a composite door takes advantage of the latest technology as well as stylish designs.

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