Chelsea Football Club Training Ground

Chelsea Football Club Training Ground

Client: Chelsea Football Club
Architect: AFL Architects
Approved Contractor: Accurate Roofing
Type of works: supply of 1,150m² of Bauder Extensive Green Roof with Sedum Blanket

Offering the latest technology both on and off the pitch, Chelsea Football Clubs new training ground brings together all of their activities in one state-of-art academy. This ambitious investment took two years to build and boasts a design that not only considers the training, rehabilitation and business needs of the club, but also the environment, optimized through the installation of a sedum roof which achieved a BREEAM excellence rating for the building.

The expansive curvature of the roof meant that the 1,150m² of sedum blanket had to be cut in lengths of up to 10 metres, with each roll weighing up to 440kgs, with a bespoke hoist needed to lift the loads. Each roll of sedum was marked for easy identification to enable precise positioning as once unhooked from the crane, it would be impossible to manually reposition the roll.

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