Chicheley Hall, Milton Keynes

Chicheley Hall, Milton Keynes

Client: Knight Harwood
Type of works: complete installation of glass, timber and stainless steel members.

The challenge was to design and construct a 23m by 9.5m glass extension in front of a 16th century old coach house.

The whole building is restored for use as a Royal Society’s head quarters. The design includes a very complex arrangement of stainless steel and timber structural members to support vertical and horizontal glass panels. The longest span is 9.5m with 175mm deep timber beam. The complete roof is supported by a stainless steel structural gutter and the gutter is supported by stainless steel plate struts. The whole structure is free standing and the roof glass provides lateral support.

As glass specialists, one of IQ Glass' strengths is their ability to combine a broad range of high performance materials in their designs. The company are experts in the use of stainless steel, composites and timbers and through use of their ‘Finite Element Analysis’ (FEA) they are able to accurately model the behaviour of glass structures and their supports.

For this £500k value project IQ Glass was completely responsible for the concept design, structural design, site inspection, structural calculations and the complete installation of glass, timber and stainless steel members.

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