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Daikin has more than 50 years’ experience in the production of heat pumps, manufacturing over a million units a year for both residential and commercial applications. Daikin Altherma is a renewable low-carbon technology based around an air-to-water heat pump.

Daikin Altherma
Daikin Altherma is a highly efficient heating and hot-water solution for UK homes. Using air-source heat-pump technology and Daikin’s advanced inverter controls, Daikin Altherma is 3 to 5 times more efficient than a traditional fossil-fuel boiler, delivering running costs savings and up to 50% reduction in carbon emissions when compared to traditional systems.

Thanks to its low-carbon and energy-efficient technology, three quarters of the heat generated by the Daikin Altherma system is absolutely free of charge. As part of a package of energy-saving measures, Daikin Altherma helps towards achieving Level 4 in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump is today’s answer to the current and future problems associated with conventional heating systems, such as increasing primary energy costs and an unacceptably high environmental impact.

Installation – the engineer’s choice
The Daikin Altherma range of compact, high-efficiency, low-noise heat pumps, up to 16kW, is ideally suited to the profile required for the UK housing market. There are no flues, no gas or oil piping to install and no need for storage tanks, groundworks, gas main connections or additional ventilation.

Flexible and comprehensive range
Daikin Altherma product range offers solutions for new-build, refurbishment and retrofit applications. The Daikin Altherma Low Temperature range delivers flow temperatures of up to 50°C, and is highly efficient when heating properties with good thermal design characteristics, making it an ideal solution for new build and also for refurbishment. The system is available in both Split and Monobloc configurations.

The award-winning Daikin Altherma High Temperature system guarantees water temperatures up to 80°C, providing a low-carbon solution for replacing existing fossil-fuel boilers. With the High Temperature system, there is no need to replace or resize existing radiators providing the perfect retrofit solution.

The system
Daikin Altherma requires only a normal 240V electrical supply. Available both in single- and three-phase versions, it comes as a complete whole house solution including the heat pump, heat exchangers, hydraulic components, hot water cylinder and controls.

The heat-pump outdoor unit extracts free, low temperature heat from the surrounding air and increases its temperature. Heat is then transmitted via the refrigerant circuit to heat up the circulating water via the heat exchanger, for domestic hot-water preparation and heating.

Daikin Altherma can be connected to the most commonly used heating emitters:

  • Underfloor heating, possibly the best solution for new installations.
  • Fan coils units, more flexible in that they can provide both heating and cooling if required.
  • Radiators, the traditional heating solution, easy to install for low capital cost.

    • Inverter technology
      Daikin Altherma uses advanced Daikin inverter compressor technology, which means that the system is able to fully modulate the heating capacity by reducing the compressor speed. At any time Daikin Altherma is only producing the exact amount of heat required, therefore reducing energy consumption compared to fixed-speed heat-pump systems.

      In addition, when Daikin Altherma is operating in partial-load condition the efficiency is further increased as the system's heat exchangers become oversized, thus making the heat transfer even more efficient.

      Weather compensation
      Thanks to the weather compensation built as standard into its integrated control system, Daikin Altherma can minimise energy input to achieve optimum temperature conditions. It can control the temperature inside the home by regulating the flow temperature in the radiator or underfloor-heating system. It saves up to 30% in energy costs compared to a traditional system such as a boiler and radiator system.

      Solar Thermal
      To provide even greater capacity for water heating and higher efficiencies, Daikin Atherma can be perfectly combined with Daikin Solar Thermal Systems, which provide a fully integrated renewable heating and hot-water solution, now available from a single manufacturer, Daikin. By using both solar-thermal and air-source heat-pump technology, the system will be able to consistently deliver the most economical energy-management of
      domestic heating and hot water all through the year.

      BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 14001:2004

      Country of manufacture

      Services offered
      Training; commissioning; premium delivery service.


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