Choosing the right smoke ventilation & access systems

Choosing the right smoke ventilation & access systems

Following the fire which took 12 fire engines, 81 firemen and more than 24 hours to put out, Shanks called in smoke ventilation and skylight specialists Whitesales to assess the existing system and supply a superior replacement for its mechanical biological treatment plant in East London.

The Es-range is designed for industrial, manufacturing and MOD buildings, comfortably exceeding the exacting standards of British Standard EN 12101-2 smoke regulations and fully compliant with Building Regulations ADB and ADL. The Es-Louvre is a critical part of the new, safer Shanks building. Es-Louvre smoke vents exhaust heat and smoke, replacing deadly smoke-filled air with clean air. They’re extremely durable and impact-resistant (to EN 1873 1200 joules and ACR(M) 2011 – Class B), have high security features and can withstand large wind loads. Depending on whether you want natural light ingress, you can specify polycarbonate glazing or solid blades.

Of course, every roof needs maintenance, so the Es-Hatch is a multipurpose solution. At its simplest, it’s a roof access hatch with telescopic gas struts and stay and optional hand-up post. Specify it large enough and you can use it to transfer equipment. Choose glazed multiwall polycarbonate and you draw energy-saving daylight into the space below. And because of its thermal performance (U-Values as impressive as 0.73 W/m2K), it’s an environmentally friendly choice. Yet it’s extremely secure from outside penetration, with a heavy-duty latch with internal and external locking as standard, and certified non-fragile with impact resistance certified to EN 1873 1200 joules and ACR(M) 2011 – Class B.

Whitesales offers free site surveys, as well as extensive supporting CAD drawings on its website, and bespoke design and manufacture. To find out more, download the Smoke & Access brochure from or contact Whitesales’ technical sales and support team on 01483 271371 or at

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