Cistermiser Sensor Awarded Waterwise Marque

Cistermiser Sensor Awarded Waterwise Marque

Cistermiser, the Berkshire based manufacturer of high-quality water management products, has been awarded the accolade of entitlement to display the Waterwise Marque for the promotion of water efficiency. The Marque has been granted to Cistermiser for the development of the active infrared sensor used in the company’s innovative range of hands-free washroom products, all designed to keep water usage to a minimum by limiting flow duration to the time needed for washing or flushing purposes. The sensor received excellent ratings in the Waterwise judging process, including full marks in the actual ‘Promotes Water Efficiency’ section.

The active infrared sensor is used within several Cistermiser infrared range products, including the Easyflush WC cistern flush valves, the Direct Flush urinal control valves, the Novatap deck mounted taps and the Novaspout panel mounted taps.

The Easyflush combined inlet and drop valve for WC cistern is available as an active or passive operation. In ‘Wave’ mode the flush is achieved by passing a hand over the sensor whereas ‘Walk Away’ operation means just that, the flush being activated as the user walks away from the toilet. In each case dual flush operation is possible with a longer flush obtained by holding a hand near the sensor for over a second. Installing once Cistermiser Easyflush can save up to 403,000 litres per year and reduce costs by up to £938.99 per year.

The infrared-controlled Direct Flush urinal valve ensures that the urinal is flushed only after use and at no other time (except for a single hygiene flush if the bowl has not been used for a minimum of 12 hours). If the sensor detects another user’s presence during the flush, it is automatically aborted to prevent splashing. Installation, new or retro, is simple and of course the extra plumbing needed for an auto-flush cistern is eliminated. Installing a Cistermiser Direct Flush can save up to 134,280 litres per year and reduce costs by up to £313.42 per year per urinal bowl.

The two basin spouts, the Novatap mounted in the basin itself and with the sensor incorporated in the pillar, and the Novaspout, wall mounted and with the sensor separately mounted just below spout level, are activated as a user’s hands are placed under the spout, with flow ceasing as soon as they are removed. Installing a Cistermiser 3.5 litre per minute Novatap or Novaspout can save up to 292,500 litres per year and reduce costs by up to £681.52 per year in a typical office.

Jacob Tompkins, Managing Director of Waterwise, was pleased to report that the judges had awarded full marks for promoting water efficiency and that the product had scored exceptionally highly for market availability, performance and design and Chris Philpot, Waterwise’s Communications Manager stated that the independent panel of judges “had no hesitation in awarding the Waterwise Water Efficiency Marque Award to Cistermiser for their Active Infrared Sensor.”

Waterwise is a UK non-government organization focused on decreasing water consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency. They are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK.

The Waterwise Marque is awarded annually to products, which reduce water wastage or raise the awareness of water efficiency. Over 50 Marques have been awarded across a broad spectrum of products including dishwashers, showerheads, water storing gels for the garden, toilets and urinals, drought resistant turf, domestic water recycling products, water butts, a waterless carwash, tap flow restrictors, shower timers and devices to reduce the amount of water used when flushing toilets, amongst others.

The Waterwise Marque is instantly recognised by businesses, media and government amongst others as the symbol for water efficiency. Cistermiser is justly proud that products using its Active Infrared Sensor can now bear the Marque.

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