ClimaGuard A+ offers Window Energy Rating results

ClimaGuard A+ offers Window Energy Rating results

Now with new performance figures, ClimaGuard A+ offers the very best Window Energy Rating results. The new and improved ClimaGuard A+ retains the same 1.2 U value combined with an increased solar heat gain (g value) of 73% with a Clear outer pane or as high as 76% with a Low Iron outer pane. This improvement makes ClimaGuard A+ the leading soft coat Low E glass in Window Energy Rating performance.

The new ClimaGuard A+ uses an advanced coating layer stack to increase solar heat gain performance; however ensuring this increase didn’t affect the reliable durability of the original ClimaGuard A+ was paramount. To retain this durability, the coating layer stack was maintained, yet finely tuned to achieve the highest solar heat gain (g value) currently possible in combination with a 1.2 U value performance.

“The redevelopment of ClimaGuard A+ was imperative to its continued success in the UK and Ireland” said Mark Bristow Regional Manager for Guardian Glass, “having our own coater has enabled us to work with the coating layer stack for ClimaGuard A+ and improve its performance without compromising its durability. Having the leading Low E glass in Window Energy Rating performance helps our customers to offer an elite product using a Low E glass that can substitute either of the other next generation soft coat Low E glass options on the market, simply based on better performance”.

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