Colorcoat Renew SC® - Integrated solar air heating solution

Colorcoat Renew SC® - Integrated solar air heating solution

As the worldwide demand for energy continues to rise, there is an increasing need to reduce CO2 emissions and to develop renewable energy sources.

Buildings account for 50% of global energy consumption and 50% of carbon dioxide emissions, therefore Tata Steel are committed to developing and delivering steel solutions that will play a significant role in reducing this impact.

The latest system to be added to our portfolio and helping us to provide energy efficient buildings for the future is Colorcoat Renew SC®. The system is an integrated solar air heating solution that encompasses system design, renewable energy generation and control, to provide space heating and ventilation air for any type of building whether it's new build or retrofit, industrial, commercial, public or residential.

* A highly efficient renewable energy system that can convert 75% solar energy into useable heat.
* Typically less than 10 year payback and an average 4 month embodied carbon payback.
* Lowest cost solution to achieve National targets for CO2 emission reduction.
* Colorcoat Renew SC® produces clean green energy, reducing dependency on fossil fuel heating and the associated emissions.
* Supply fresh air to meet building ventilation requirements. This is particularly a benefit to schools and supermarkets where occupant comfort is important and fresh air supply is a design requirement.

For more information about Colorcoat Renew SC® please contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline +44(0)1244 892434

Or to join us at our seminar 'Energy Through Colour' for the launch of Colorcoat Renew SC® please click on your preferred location for details of the event.

23rd May 2012
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP
08.30am - 10.30am
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30th May 2012
Sustainable Building Envelope Centre (SBEC)
Tata Steel, Shotton Works, Flintshire
13.00pm - 15.00pm
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