Comar 5P.i Vertical Sliding Window

Comar 5P.i Vertical Sliding Window

Comar Architectural is pleased to announce that the Comar 5P.i VSW has just passed BS 7950 enhanced security for windows.

Vertical Sliding Windows, either new build or refurbishment, are required to be flexible; large or small sizes must provide an aesthetic solution.With its slim sightlines, the Comar 5P.i VSW can be manufactured to fit openings upwards of 500mm wide and, depending on wind loading, up to 2800mm high. Utilising re-designed Caldwell Torso Balances, unique to the Comar 5P.i VSW, the window provides even more reliability and security features, such as sash locks with a concealed locking mechanism so the window can provide long lasting smooth operation as well as hidden locking. The sash lock includes a double keep which maintains security as well as providing trickle ventilation.

Internally beaded, the Comar 5P.i VSW provides a neat exterior finish and can be coupled to other window configurations to create larger composites. Integration has also been catered for with dedicated profiles to allow incorporation into Comar 2 window walling. Naturally, an inherent advantage of vertical sliding windows is their clear opening. Both sashes of the Comar 5P.i VSW have been designed to slide smoothly into an open position and the sashes to discretely combine to provide maximum air change. However, there are times when this is not required and Comar 5P.i VSW can be fitted with a lockable restrictor at 100mm increments. To ensure the continued long term visual appeal and maintenance of the Comar 5P.i VSW, both sashes can be tilted for cleaning.

Weather performance is assured with brush and bubble seals to the whole perimeter of each sash, passing the requirements BS 6375. An additional buffer seal is incorporated into the outer frame to increase weather resistance. To comply with future demands, the Comar 5P.i VSW has a range of gaskets and beads which allow glazing from 22 to 32mm.

The Comar 5P.i VSW frames are constructed with mitre joints with an inserted spring-loaded Monticelli cleat. The slide-and-tilt function of both sashes is created through Torso Balances which are designed to suit the window size and glass specified.

Comar 5P.i Vertical Sliding Window System is part of trademarked P.i Polyamide Insulation Suite. P.i provides the assurance of low U-values with its energy efficient thermally broken profiles. The aluminium profiles are extruded separately, then rolled together with 22mm polyamide strip providing an extremely effective thermal break to ensure that buildings are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As with all in the P.i Suite you can rely on project-by-project U-values to support your calculations

This method of construction allows the specifier a further design opportunity; the internal and external profiles can be painted different colours. These dual colour options are available in all RAL or syntha pulvin colours, as well as anodised or sandolar shades. Colour swatches are available on request.

With more and more onus on the environment, Comar 5P.i VSW has been designed to provide specification solutions. Made from aluminium, one of the most recyclable building materials, Comar 5P.i VSW ensures that sustainability concerns are alleviated.

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