Comar Climate Active Facade

Comar Climate Active Facade

Aluminium technology and creative flair fuse into seamless, aesthetic façades with the Comar Climate Active Façade. Health, comfort and energy efficiency are Comar-Duco’s basic ingredients, vital for today’s green building solutions. Whether for sound and climate control, basic or intensive ventilation, reducing solar gain and glare or straightforward light control, Duco offers a natural solution.

A combination of natural ventilation and sun control through the buildings façade is the route to make any building a healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable environment. Temperature, sound control, humidity, sunlight and ventilation are all key considerations for any space.

Comar-Duco’s comprehensive product menu includes Comar-DucoSun C & D, an external solar shading system with extruded aluminium blades, which reduces the solar heat gain and glare whilst optimising diffused daylight. The different products in this range ensure buildings have a passive means of internal climate control and contribute towards a comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor climate. This system is quick and easy to install with the minimum amount of tools required thanks to the unique Glide & Click system.

The Comar-Duco F product range is an external sun control system made from extruded aluminium aerofoil blades with sizes of 100 to 400mm. This system can link into the building's facilities management software, is available both as a fixed or moveable system and the blades are assembled on site as part of the construction. The elliptical shape of the blades enables shade over a large span. The flexibility of different settings provides a solution for every direction, width and glass surface. Comar-Duco provides a balance of sun- and light-control without altering incident light, but prevents glare and reduces solar heat gain.

Why Solar Shading?

  • Reduces solar heat gain and solar glare.
  • Reduces the energy consumption of the building to comply with Document L.
  • Helps to provide a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.
  • Made from 100% recyclable aluminium.

    Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is the largest British, privately-owned aluminium systems company in Europe. Comar designs, extrudes and distributes over 700 integrated profiles to a Nationwide approved fabricator network for use in aluminium ground floor treatment, window, door and curtain walling applications.

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