Commercial Specification Guide - Toilet and Urinals

Commercial Specification Guide - Toilet and Urinals

Correct specification and installation of water management systems impacts the efficiency of the building, occupant comfort and the lifecycle of the solution.

When it comes to commercial building water management for urinals and toilets, the aim is clear; to increase energy efficiency, to protect natural resources and create healthy buildings for the occupiers.

Adrian Hibbert, Commercial Specification Manager for toilet solutions manufacturer Fluidmaster, offers some insight into best practice and product selection.

Sustainable Water Management

Sustainability, along with wellbeing, is fast becoming the driving factor for the specification of commercial bathrooms. Where possible specifiers are seeking out, BREEAM compliant products which can contribute to the sustainability of a washroom by offering water saving capabilities.

Project Specific Considerations

The choice of water management system for urinals and toilets is influenced by many factors including legislation, building regulations and certification schemes. In addition, project objectives impact significantly on product selection.

Environmental sustainability and compliance, what is important?
Manufacturer testing

Aside from the tightening legislation and standards, many owners of small and large commercial properties are voluntarily choosing sustainability over capital cost. Sustainable urinal and toilet water management technology is highly efficient and contributes to lower operating costs over the lifetime of a building.
Another important reason behind the popularity of sustainable choices is the futureproofing of buildings, or investments, that sustainable and intelligent technology can provide.

Toilet & Urinal Installation

Costs; what to consider?

Both capital and lifetime costs of the specified urinal and toilet technology should be considered. Aside from the obvious purchase cost of the units, the ease of installation is also an important cost factor.

Installation: Concealed Cisterns & Frames

A good cost-related example is the specification of concealed cisterns and frames for large developments. Choosing products which offer ease of installation not only lowers fitting costs but helps to deliver a project on time, gaining a return on investment.

The operational and lifetime costs are linked to the efficiency of the technology and quality of products. And ultimately, there is a clear financial benefit where sustainable developments are more desirable and can often command price premiums.

A selection of Fluidmaster frames and cisterns ideal for commercial specification is available in our Specifiedby portfolio.

Occupant Comfort, What’s Important?

Innovations in urinal and toilet water management technology provide end-users with greater comfort and safety.

Features such as in-built height adjustable lifts, like the Variotronic frame and cistern system are ideal for occupants with limited mobility or with specific access needs are important.

Hygienic contactless controls and infrared sensors are an option for public areas where additional hygiene measures are important and have become essential in recent times.

For urinals specifically, modern flush technology is available to prevent false flushing and over flushing; leading to a more pleasant washroom environment.

Fill Valves

When the WC has been flushed, the water within the cistern tank is emptied and the fill valve draws water into the cistern tank until the required water level is achieved.
The Fluidmaster AirGap 6000 fill valve showcases revolutionary new valve technology, which makes it ideal for specification where sustainability and water conservation is important. The AirGap 6000 fill valve offers:

• Compact size
• Quiet operation
• Efficient and economical operation – which can save between 1 and 3 litres of water per flush
• Complies to BS1212-4
• Easy installation
• Easy maintenance
• Retrofit options which are time and budget friendly

Flush Valves

The flush rushes water from the cistern into the toilet bowl to wash away waste. The flush button is connected by a cable to the flush valve. When the flush button is pressed, the cable pulls the flush valve and lifts it. The rubber seal at the bottom of the flush valve lifts and forces water out of the cistern and into the toilet bowl. When water has been emptied, the flush valve drops back down, and the cistern is ready for the fill valve to take over.

What to look out for:
• Fast and convenient operation
• Effective operation using pressure
• Water saving adjustable flush volumes
• Reduced noise
• Easy installation
• Easy maintenance
• Urinal flushing systems which prevent over flushing and false flushing
• Retrofit options which are time and budget friendly
• Products which offer water saving capabilities and BREEAM compliancy

Controls & Smart Sanitary Systems
Touch-free controls allow single or dual flush without contact and are ideal for high use areas and where hygiene is imperative.

With the arrival of infrared sensors and smart technology, smart sanitary systems are widely available and beneficial.

Look out for their smart toilets and urinals which include infrared sensor technology that can detect toilet usage. The detection of a person moving away prevents unintended flushing and monitors water levels and concentration to prevent water wastage.

Some of their sensors also detect blockages and prevent overflow for a rapid response to issues that can prevent water wastage.

What to look out for:
• Hygienic operation
• App connectivity
• Integrated flush technology
• Detection of occupant
• Increased efficiency of the system

These introductory tips will help with basic toilet and urinal specification. If you’d like to discuss your current specifications in greater details, Adrian is happy to offer bespoke advice and product recommendations. Tel. 07391 865 666 or email: [email protected]

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