Compact circuit breakers set new benchmark for performance and energy functions

Compact circuit breakers set new benchmark for performance and energy functions

Schneider Electric has launched its new Compact NSX range of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers to deliver new levels of performance and intelligence in a familiar small package. With options for monitoring and communication functions, the new range of Compact NSX circuit breakers is ready for current and future needs. Setting a new standard in its class; protective functions are enhanced and for the first time both energy consumption and power can be monitored at the device.

The Compact NSX comes from a proven pedigree. Launched in 1994, the original and still current Compact NS set the standard for moulded case circuit breakers. Synonymous with high performance and innovation, it was often imitated, but never equalled. Contractors and panel builders valued its small size and easy installation and users benefited from premium protection as well as electronic functions that brought unprecedented ease of operation. The Compact NS was indeed “simply a step ahead”.

Today, new demands have surfaced. Electrical installations must go beyond installation standards to provide new analysis, measurement and communication functions in addition to uncompromising protection. Reliability of power is critical and energy costs must be continually optimised. Hence, the significant investment Schneider Electric has made in the radical new design of the Compact NSX, which carries no fewer than 23 discrete patent applications.

The originality lies in how Compact NSX measures, processes and displays data, either locally on an integrated LCD display, remotely on the switchboard front panel using the functional display module or via a gateway to the monitoring system. It is compatible with Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic monitoring software which provides users with parameter sets and tools for comprehensive monitoring.

The range of Micrologic electronic control units, typically used for selective and enhanced protection and measurement, now integrates next generation sensors such as an ‘iron’ sensor for the electronics power supplies and ‘air’ sensor (Rogowski Coils) for high bandwidth current measurement.

Electronic protection modules incorporate three LEDs to give an immediate and clear visual indication of operational status with instant fault identification.

Compact NSX is far more than a circuit breaker. It lets operators optimise the management of their electrical installations and meet customer needs by optimising energy consumption, increasing supply availability and improving electrical installation management.

Safety and Performance
Meeting or exceeding current standards for safety and performance, Compact NSX incorporates many new features that make it more flexible and suitable for an extended range of applications. The roto-active contact breaking principle, for example, provides better current limitation and endurance performance providing very high breaking capacity in a very small space with exceptional fault current limitation for extended system life.

Meeting the relevant standards for motor protection, the Compact NSX is well suited to motor-starting and motor-running applications, providing protection against short circuits, phase imbalance and loss with additional protection systems for starting and breaking with the motor running, jogging and reversing.

Service Continuity
With Schneider Electric’s 30 years of experience mastering total discrimination, users can be sure of service continuity and minimised impact of short circuits with the improved discrimination properties of Compact NSX. Downstream circuit breaker trips, as close as possible to the fault, ensure that upstream circuit breakers are not overloaded.

Adding an optional SDTAM tripping module (early-break thermal fault signal) allows indication of motor overloads and actuation of a contactor.

Preventive maintenance is a key factor in avoiding faults and associated loss of service. Electronic protection modules incorporate three LEDs to give an immediate and clear visual indication of operational status with instant fault identification. Information on the number of operations, level of wear on contacts and total load rates to facilitate effective maintenance planning is available via the functional display module.

Added Simplicity
Compact NSX takes the principles of easy installation and use, which made its predecessor so successful, to a higher level. Mounting the Compact NSX is the same as for Compact NS, simplifying retrofit engineering. Design is aided by integration using intuitive software for parameter settings and switchboard installation.

Ease of installation is further enhanced with innovative features such as the plug-and-play concept for interfacing between communication components. Sealable transparent covers provide protection for the tripping device switches and electrical control adjustment as well as preventing unauthorised adjustment of the protection settings.

Advanced measuring, metering and communications for system and energy monitoring, combined with unequalled protection functionality ensure that Compact NSX Moulded Case circuit breaker will exceed requirements for low power short circuit installations through to high power demanding applications.

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