Comprehensive range of e3co-HR energy recovery ventilation units launched by Fläkt Woods

Comprehensive range of e3co-HR energy recovery ventilation units launched by Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods has extended their heat recovery product portfolio, through the launch of a new and comprehensive range of e3co-HR energy recovery ventilation units.

This range offers “class leading” thermal efficiency performance of up to 93% and Specific Fan Powers as low as 0.45. In addition, units are fitted with unique low loss, high performance filter media, which all deliver energy savings of up to 85%.

All the new e3co-HR Fläkt Woods products provide fresh air supply, extraction of stale air and more importantly, improved climate control, while also saving energy by reducing heating (or cooling) requirements. All are designed to be stand-alone “plug-n-play” devices, which operate independently, or can be added to an existing HVAC system.

Fläkt Woods e3co-HR heat recovery systems stand out from the competition because of their ability to operate using e3 intelligent controls, which autonomously regulate airflow based on demand and in turn optimise energy usage. The e3 controls philosophy ensures that a healthy indoor climate is maintained, with the minimum use of energy, thus reducing the end user’s carbon footprint. Products are available with a wide range of controls, ranging from simple manual speed control to fully programmable microprocessor control, supported by a wide range of sensors (temperature, CO2, VOC, humidity, PIR etc).

The five new product families are suitable for a wide range applications ranging from large domestic to small commercial installations, providing airflows up to 3.33 m3/s, against pressures of up to 800 Pa. The XB range features a casing made up of self-supporting double skinned steel panels, insulated with high density Rockwool, while the XS and XH ranges feature a more modular approach, with an extruded aluminium penta-post framework, with rounded corners, fitted with double skinned steel panels, all of a uniform size, to allow flexible “on site” configuration of inlet and outlet connections. All units except the XB range are insulated with injected polyurethane foam, which uses an environmentally friendly foaming agent in its manufacture to further strengthen the environmental credentials of this new range. Double skinned panels are either 25mm thick, or for the high efficiency XHR (High Recovery) unit, 40mm thick insulation.

The XB, XS and XH ranges are suitable for mounting in reduced height spaces and therefore allow for easy installation into ceiling voids. Products also feature both side access or access from beneath for inspection and maintenance and offer integrated controls to deliver a simple plug-n-play solution. There can also offer the option of “double deck” format units, as well as the standard “side-by-side” variant, both of these being available as a weather proofed product, should the product need to be installed in an outdoor position.

The e3co-HR range fits into the company’s existing e3 product range which offers products and complete systems that provide excellent indoor air quality, and save both the environment and running costs.

The XB, XS, XH and XHR ranges all feature directly driven fans, which are suitable for a 230V-1-50Hz electrical supply (smaller sizes). Larger units within the XS, XH and XHR ranges are suitable for 400V-3-50Hz electrical supply.

The XLI range, which is specifically aimed at light industrial applications, feature belt driven ventilation fans, each powered by a 400V-3-50/60Hz motor.

The XB, XH, XHR and XLI ranges all feature the option to fit an integral heater (either electric or water heating coil). All units can have additional heaters (or cooling coils) added as remote duct mounted devices, giving further design flexibility for the designer.

At the heart of each unit is a counter-flow plate heat exchanger, which features either an aluminium or polypropylene core to transfer heat and separate the incoming and outgoing air streams, which is a benefit as it does not promote the transmission of gases or odours across the heat transfer membrane.
All units feature a G4 grade filter fitted to the exhaust air side and an F7grade filter fitted on the supply air side, to enhance air quality. The filter media uses “low loss” technology to deliver a high air quality and the lowest possible power consumption.

The e3co-HR range is designed to quickly and effectively filter contaminants, providing better indoor air, while recovering waste heat to minimise power usage. Clever use of “on demand” controls further enhances energy saving, whilst their design means that maintenance and running costs are reduced.

Commenting on the launch, Paul Wenden, Engineering and Marketing Director of Fläkt Woods said; “At a time of growing pressure from building regulations, coupled with continued rises in fuel costs, saving heat and maintaining adequate ventilation in commercial environments is more important than ever. Our new range of heat recovery systems exceed building regulation requirements, and they can also recover up to 85% of the heat which would otherwise be lost through normal ventilation. “

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