Constellation Wines, Avonmouth, Bristol

Constellation Wines, Avonmouth, Bristol

Client: Constellation Wines
Contractror: Fitzpatrick Contractors
Value: £350,000 + VAT
Type of works: supply and installation of high-level walkways, plant platforms, staircases and balustrade systems.

Having worked with Fitzpatricks on several major mezzanine floor installations over the years, including a large two-tier furniture storage structure for Heals in North West London, RDA were asked to assist with the fitting-out of a large new USA wine company’s production facility in Bristol.

Work involved the design and installation of an 8m high walkway gantry around two sides of the huge wine production hall, totalling 500m.

In addition, fully-galvanised tower staircases were installed to provide access at each end of the walkways, plus link bridges to enable staff in the adjacent three-storey office block to visit the production hall with visitors without having to pass through the actual production areas on the ground floor.

Production plant and air-handling equipment platforms, one internal and one external, were constructed in an adjacent unit, with heavy-duty open steel grate decks and galvanised staircases.

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