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Coronavirus safe surfaces for Education

Coronavirus safe surfaces for Education

UK manufacturer Sundeala Ltd have confirmed that their flagship FR board product has proven in independent laboratory testing to be 100% free of coronavirus within 5 minutes of contamination in a huge boost for British Manufacturing and UK Construction.

Safe-Touch Surfaces for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Sundeala FR board has been considered the safest specification choice for notice boards in education for decades thanks to it’s unbeatable fire resistance. Now that Sundeala FR has proven to be extremely effective against the spread of coronavirus, its impressive safety credentials have soared even further.

A series of rigorous ISO 17025 compliant tests designed and performed by Indoor Biotechnologies, a global immunodiagnostics and biotechnology company based in Cardiff, has proven that Sundeala FR board is 100% free from human coronavirus both on the surface and within the board itself within 5 minutes of contamination.

Uniquely in the UK market, the testing used a human coronavirus strain that was cultured inside cells derived from human lung tissue to ensure the test was as 'real world' applicable as possible.

Supporting the Circular Economy

Since it’s inception in 1898, Sundeala board has been manufactured from 100% recycled waste materials. The manufacturing process is fully circular, starting by recycling raw waste materials and allowing the product to be remanufactured at the end of use, using exactly the same processes. Specifying Sundeala helps to support sustainable construction in the UK and helps architects, construction companies and local authorities meet sustainability goals.

A wide range of covid-19 compliance products are available made from Sundeala FR and all of them can be recycled or repurposed once the pandemic is over. From safety plates for high-touch door surfaces to social distancing screens to partition walkways and learning spaces, Sundeala FR is a sustainable alternative to filling spaces with plastic destined for landfill.

Passionate About Fire Safety

Sundeala FR board is Class B fire rated and produces neither smoke nor flaming droplets. It is manufactured entirely in the UK under stringent ISO manufacturing procedures and with excellent quality control. It is the perfect wall cladding and notice board material for safety, performance and flexibility.

Specifying Sundeala FR throughout ensures that building regulations cannot be accidentally contravened when building owners install additional boards in learning spaces or reposition boards during refurbishment.

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