Cost effective 3-cell cycle technology

Cost effective 3-cell cycle technology

LINET UK has complemented their clinically proven 3-cell cycle technology pressure area care portfolio with the addition of the Precioso Mattress Replacement and Overlay.

The Precioso 3-cell cycle Mattress Replacement and Overlay dynamic systems are cost effective solutions for patients with compromised mobility and will greatly assist in the healing and prevention of all grades of pressure ulcers when combined with appropriate clinical practice.

When combined with the matching dynamic cushion the Precioso Mattress Replacement and Overlay systems offer a 24-hour affordable pressure ulcer prevention package.

• Proven therapy: 3-cell 7.5 minute cycle mimics the method by which the body usually prevents pressure damage.´
• 24-hour care solution: combination of mattress system and dynamic cushion ensure round clock pressure area care.
• Comfort and safety: range of unique features enhance patient safety and comfort such as pressure adjustment control, easily accessible CPR, Static Mode and safety Go activation.
• Economical to use: quality design allows highly effective cleaning and maintenance helping to reduce facility costs.

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