Crown Paints on Hotel and Leisure Facilities

Crown Paints on Hotel and Leisure Facilities

Creating a five star hospitality setting is no mean feat, and the challenge starts with selecting the right paint specification. In hotels, visitors yearn to feel privileged to be there, while in leisure areas they want to feel calm, relaxed, and at peace with themselves. Often these areas are intertwined, with hotels often hosting leisure facilities and gyms within their walls.

It can therefore be a fine balancing act for those looking to find the right ambience for each setting, while ensuring the paint meets the requirements of each environment. For those with ambitions to rise to this challenge, Crown Paints has them covered.

Deciding on the perfect paint colours for hotel and leisure areas presents a fine line to tread. A strong design statement is desired but steer away from using an overtly vibrant colour palette which might generate a strong reaction. Hotels are multifunctional, acting as miniature homes where we sleep, eat, and dine, and therefore people want to feel comfortable whilst experiencing an extra level of luxury. With colours in mind, a neutral palette works well but so does a palette of deep yet subtle tones which add a sense of luxury and opulence.

Using an accent colour combined with neutral shades is an ideal way to deliver the right balance for guests, and when creating it is important to understand how colour affects us mentally. Delving deeper and getting to grips with understanding the psychology of colour in terms of how certain shades and tones can affect a person’s mood or behaviour will also make for more effective colour schemes within the hospitality sector.

For example, a gym may demand a bright, light colour scheme to create a high energy space, while a restaurant might opt for a more subtle, darker colour palette for a relaxing dining experience.

When decorating hotels and leisure areas, there are also important health and cleanliness factors to consider which should form the basis of any project. Bedroom and toilet areas need to create a clean and welcoming environment for all guests. This is where Crown’s Clean Extreme Range can be a powerful tool with its anti-bacterial and mould-inhibiting paints, as well as being stain resistant, making it ideal too for high traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. The range not only inhibits the growth of any bacteria that comes into contact with the surface, but also prevents bacteria from multiplying on the paint surface

Meanwhile, in stairwells and corridors, the Crown Trade Timonox range, with its flame retardant capabilities, can add an extra level of safety in the event of the fire. Timonox is designed to slow the spread of fire across walls and ceilings, making them especially critical for these key circulation areas and routes through which occupants will evacuate when necessary.

Another significant challenge in hospitality venues is ensuring that surfaces retain their fresh look despite regular cleaning which could wear away the aesthetic of the finish. Crown’s Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt is formulated so it can be scrubbed up to 10,000 times by minimising the amount of paint film that is removed each time. Maintenance and design of hotel and leisure areas is key, and it’s important to remember that it doesn’t end with the first coat. For those seeking to deliver beautiful, luxury spaces for guests to enjoy, they will need to give their spaces a 5-star colour treatment. Crown Paints has a proven track record in this department having recently provided hoteliers Malmaison & Hotel du Vin with colour treatment as part of an 8-year partnership.

Creating beautiful, luxury spaces with their 36 hotels across the UK, Crown Paints’ Architect and Design (A&D) team and Colour Studio created a bespoke colour scheme for each hotel using Crown Paints’ Fandeck, which has more than 1,400 colours on offer. And Crown went beyond simply creating a colour scheme.

To ensure Malmaison & Hotel du Vin stayed at the forefront of design trends, Crown’s A&D and Colour Studio regularly assess the room schemes and carried out a colour consultation to bring the latest trends to life through colour. The partnership has seen Crown choose more than 20 colours since it began, with guests responding positively to the fresh and new coatings.

For those looking to give their hotel and leisure areas a fresh look, Crown Paints is on hand to provide them with the right tools to get the job done. But it’s not just the tools - it’s the knowledge and expertise that Crown shares which will really empower hoteliers to bring their buildings to life with a colour scheme that taps into the emotions of their guests. When looking to find the right balance for a hotel and leisure setting, Crown’s efforts to go beyond the products they sell makes them a powerful ally for anyone looking to inspire their guests as they walk through the door.

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