Dandridge's Mill, East Hanney

Dandridge's Mill, East Hanney

Client: Hallidays Developments
Type of works: Eclisse glass sliding doors allow natural light in to the bathrooms.

The 19th century Dandridge's Mill has now been restored in order to create 4 luxurious, low-energy homes in Oxfordshire. Eclisse glass sliding doors allow making the most of the natural light in the bathrooms. The development combines the buildings’ traditional history with the latest technology in the building sector, including some Eclisse glass sliding pocket doors.

Built in the 1820s in East Hanney, the mill was purchased by Hallidays Developments who wanted to undertake an environmentally-friendly conversion. Henry Reily-Collins, 23 year-old grandson of the firm’s founder, designed the refurbishment project, obtaining praise by the Low Carbon Trust and Energy Saving Trust for its innovative, eco-friendly design.

To achieve his green objectives, Henry wanted the mill to generate its own electricity and heating and get the most of the natural light. Along with a water source heat pump and a solar PV array, he chose to use some Eclisse glass sliding pocket doors.

The Eclisse sliding pocket door is the perfect solution for the mill’s hi-tech en-suites. Along with natural French limestone tiling, under-floor heating and large rainfall shower heads, the glass sliding door system represents both a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution. The framework is made from high quality galvanized steel ready to be installed as part of a stud wall. The Eclisse system creates extra space without compromising the final internal design concept: the top hung system eliminates the need for a floor threshold allowing an uninterrupted floor surface below; whilst the tanganika walnut veneered finishing joinery gives a professional finish to the installation. The use of a 10mm tempered glass door with a satin finish gives both the maximum light and privacy to the bathrooms.

The developer, Reily-Collins, explains that the conversion has reduced the carbon footprint of the development by 91% through the use of energy efficient measures and advanced technologies.

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