Danpalon BRV is audacious vented rainscreen solution

Danpalon BRV is audacious vented rainscreen solution

Made from the highest grade polycarbonate, the microcell structure and finishes of the Danpalon BRV brings a rich and vibrant aesthetic to your facades. The material works with both natural and artificial light, allowing your façade to visually evolve through the daytime, night-time and the seasons.

Specialists for over 25 years in polycarbonate building systems, Everlite Concept have designed this solution to address performance and aesthetic in rainscreen applications. Waterproof, to protect the cavity and with high impact resistance, Danpalon BRV offers technical excellence to match its visual appeal.

Both lightweight and easy to install the Danpalon BRV is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Creativity and performance can now be achieved with confidence.

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