Dartmouth High School Sports Hall, Great Barr, Birmingham

Dartmouth High School Sports Hall, Great Barr, Birmingham

Architect: Ellis Williams Architects
Type of works: design and supply of temporary sports facility during construction.

Useful Structures' objective was to provide a temporary sports hall of high quality for Dartmouth High School during construction of the new replacement Q3 Academy on site. As the site was designated as green belt, the existing sports facilities had to be demolished to free up site area for the new building. Sports and examinations needed, therefore, to be housed in a temporary facility. Flexibility was a key requirement of the temorary sports hall in case the client wished to relocate the structure elsewhere on site at a later stage. This also provided the hall with the potential to be sold on at a later date, if no longer required, and the potential for VAT savings.

The size of the site was extremely tight as there were a number of inhabited teaching spaces adjacent to it, and access was restricted. Due to the green belt designation of the site, the Local Authority were keen to see a building that sat well within the landscape and had a feeling of quality. The client was keen that the temporary building was seen to reflect the school's aspirations for the new academy building. It was important that the building was robust and complied with Sport England requirements for recreational play and, in particular, offered sufficient height for badminton. The building, although temporary, needed to be heated and lit sufficiently for examinations to held in the interim period also.

The hall is 35 x 20m and 8m eaves height. The internal walls are finished with rebound boards offering a flush finish for 5-a-side play. The lighting complies with Sport England requirements and the Ambirad heating is responsive enough for examinations to be housed in the space.

Louise Sheridan of Ellis Williams Architects said, "Installation went smoothly and to plan. The installation team offered a competent and professional service, especially working in a sensitive school environment. The structure was erected to programme with minimum disruption to the client. We would be happy to consider the use of Useful Structures products in our future projects."

Caroline Badyal, Principal Designate of the Q3 Academy said, "We  are delighted to be able to continue to offer quality sports provision in our transitional Sports Hall, during the build period for Q3 Academy. Useful Structures were able to construct the Sports Hall without any disruption to daily school life and within the agreed time period. The staff and students are now looking forward to moving into their new facility which offers an excellent environment for continued skills development and team activities."

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