CPD: Design with Elements in Mind: Specifying Entrance Flooring Systems

Construction Specialties (UK)

This presentation aims to explain the benefits of using entrance flooring systems, it discusses design considerations to help architects specify the most effective entrance matting systems.

A zoned approach to entrance flooring is also explained, the presentation will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Understand the benefits of entrance flooring systems and the main types of matting systems available
  • Understand how to stay compliant with current legislation
  • Understand how to design effective entrance flooring systems and design options including colours and finishes
  • Understand and be aware of end user requirements for entrance matting

  • Properties

    Duration:45 minutes + Q&A
    Construction Specialties (UK)

    Construction Specialties (UK)

    Construction Specialties (CS) is a global manufacturer of quality specialist building products for a wide range of market sectors.

    Product portfolio includes: wall protection systems, impact resistant doorsets, entrance matting,...
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