DESSO introduces Dialogue, an innovation in carpet sampling

DESSO introduces Dialogue, an innovation in carpet sampling

DESSO proudly presents the next dimension in carpet sampling: the DESSO Dialogue. This innovative concept displays the complete DESSO business carpets collection in one compact box.

The DESSO Dialogue is an efficient tool which provides the opportunity to feel the product, see the colours, view images of products installed and get additional technical information. This compact box will provide architects and designers with a quick and complete overview of the DESSO collection making it an extremely useful tool, especially during the initial stages of the decision making process.

The DESSO Dialogue contains six cards: four cards with carpet tile products and two cards with broadloom products. It can replace a full set of sample cards which can take up a considerable amount of space on any practice reference shelf.

Alexander Collot d‘Escury, Chief Commercial Officer of DESSO comments; “We see this sampling box as an ideal partner tool for an architect’s or design practice. It also enables us to create further ‘dialogue’ with both existing and new contacts. The entire DESSO business carpet collection is on display in one helpful point of reference giving the opportunity to choose products based on a vast range of information.”

Two versions of the DESSO Dialogue are available; one version with ‘Black’ product samples and one version with ‘colour’ product samples. The Black version enables a full focus on the texture and structure of the product, without the influence of colour. The complete range of colours of all products is printed on the card for easy reference.

The DESSO Dialogue complements the full range of sampling tools already available such as sample cards, (quarter) tiles, A4 broadloom and brochures.

In line with DESSO’s Cradle to Cradle ethos, the cards are produced on recycled paper. The carpet samples are 10 x 10cm ensuring that carpet tiles are fully used and broadloom carpet waste is minimised.

After the defined usage period of approximately one year the cards will be taken back. The carpet samples can easily be removed from the cards to be reused or recycled, while the remaining cards can be recycled and reused in new cards. This is in addition to DESSO’s carpet take back program it has recently put in place. Carpets that are at the end of their life cycle can be collected and processed into raw material for new carpets.

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