DESSO introduces SoundMaster® - the carpet solution for optimised sound reduction and acoustic performance

DESSO introduces SoundMaster® - the carpet solution for optimised sound reduction and acoustic performance

Leading European carpet manufacturer, DESSO is introducing a new product, SoundMaster®, to its flooring portfolio. This performance led carpet backing offers a significant 60 per cent improvement in acoustic performance.

SoundMaster® has a special layer construction and is uniquely designed to offer optimal sound absorption and insulation. SoundMaster® is made from 100% polyester (40% recycled) which was specifically chosen for its advanced sound insulation and absorption properties, as well as offering eco-efficient benefits.

Carpet in general gives an impact sound reduction between 20 and 30dB. With SoundMaster®, an extra 10dB plus, in addition to the standard sound impact value, is achieved. This innovative product is available as alternative backing with DESSO’s comprehensive range of carpet tiles providing designers with an extensive choice of design led, aesthetically pleasing products with the ability to offer additional acoustic performance benefits.

Alexander Collot d’Escury, Chief Commercial Officer of DESSO, comments: “Numerous factors determine the sound levels in a room including: where it is situated and placement relative to other interior spaces; the size and shape of the room; and construction of the ceiling, walls, and floor as well as the combination of products specified for the interior fit-out. Carpet can absorb light, reduce glare and soak up noise – making it an increasingly popular specification choice for occupant comfort. DESSO continues to innovate and develop its product portfolio. SoundMaster® enhances our already comprehensive package to the market.”

The installation of DESSO SoundMaster® can offer a significant acoustic improvement in offices, schools and hospitals and other commercial environments, especially compared with other flooring options. Acoustic solutions are increasingly sought in schools for example to help create a more productive learning environment. With the trend toward open plan spaces in the office environment the need for appropriate acoustic solutions has also been recognised.

The use of recycled material for SoundMaster® fits with DESSO’s Cradle to Cradle philosophy. The Cradle to Cradle design concept, pioneered by German chemist Prof. Dr Michael Braungart, aims at the creation of products which can eventually be recycled or even better up-cycled in their entirety to provide the raw materials for new goods. SoundMaster® is a perfect example of upcycling as the product provides outstanding performance qualities combined with room comfort benefits felt by occupants for enhanced human wellbeing.

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